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Chasing Beautiful by Pamela Ann

Chasing Beautiful (Chasing Series) - Pamela Ann

This was a very refreshing read. Pamela Ann is a young writer who depicts the classic love triangle in her Chasing series books. The heroine, Sienna is this spicey edgy young adult trying to spread her wings. Sienna has a tragic childhood filled with abuse, death and neglect. Yet, she is ok, striving to make a new life for herself. The majority of the book takes places in London. The setting adds to the glamour and appeal of the book. The Alpha male Blake is fuckity fuck fine... Of course he is gorgeous, British, has a wonderful accent and is a billionaire. I think I am truly a sucker for an accent... Guy two is Sienna's Ex is Kyle. Kyle is a California god, short blonde spikey hair, perfect abs, plays the guitar and has Music Industry connections. 


If you are looking for a fun read, something that will remind you about being single, young and confused this is a must read. I couldn't put it down and I read both books over the weekend.