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I write, I read and I review. I am passionate about a convincing love story. I appreciate tragedy and edgy plots. I am an avid reader. I have recently begun reading new genres. I really like the Adult and & YA fiction.
Burn - Maya Banks
"" She couldn't imagine as possessive as Ash had been with her so far that he'd want her to have sex with another man...."

Are you f**king with me? Can we say RED FLAG... how broken and insecure can you be? I am just SHOCKED... I can't stand this book. I have read the other two books, but this is crap! The object de-jour is off her rocker.... Mr. Threesome Ash is less than dashing... he is infatuated with a stranger from the park."

Top 20 Books in Kindle Store

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Here are 20 bestselling books in Kindle Store (from literature & fiction). I decide to show 10 from Paid list and 10 from Free list. No matter which list you choose, the most important is that you READ :D








The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith - mystery, crime;

When I Found You - Catherine Ryan Hyde - literary, family saga;

The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen - romance, contemporary;

Jane's Melody - Ryan Winfield - romance, contemporary;

Complete Me (The Stark Trilogy) - J. Kenner - erotica

Falling for You (Crimson Romance) - Heather Thurmeier - romance, contemporary;

Love Anthony - Lisa Genova - thriller, medical;

The English Girl: A Novel (Gabriel Allon) - Daniel Silva - thriller, adventure;

The Arrangement 9 (Ferro Family) - H.M. Ward - romance;

Inferno: A Novel (Robert Langdon) - Dan Brown - thriller, suspense; 








Resisting the Bad Boy (NICE GIRL TO LOVE) - Violet Duke - romance;

Fifteen Minutes to Live - Phoef Sutton - mystery, thriller;

Unleashed (A Sydney Rye Novel, # 1) - Emily Kimelman - mystery;

The Eve Tree - Rachel Devenish Ford - literary;

Panic (A Leopold Blake Thriller) - Nick Stephenson - thriller, suspense;

Carved In Stone - Donna McDonald - humor; romance;

Honeymoon For One - Chris Keniston - contemporary, romance;

Death Will Help You Leave Him - Elizabeth Zelvin - mystery;

Desperate Thoughts: The Gift (Victoria Wilde #0) - Ian Dalton - erotica;

Lady Dearing's Masquerade - Elena Greene - romance, historical;



Conclusion: I wanted to see whether there any any genre preferences differences but it seems that on both lists the most popular literary genres are: romance, thriller and erotica. The free list, though, seems to have more variety. 

All Hail to the Mighty Knightly

Chasing Imperfection  - Pamela Ann

Amazing... Wonderful story. All HAIL to the Mighty Knightly... I am 100% team Blake. He was British perfection. Sienna was a little weaker, but I liked the story. I wanted more when I came to the end.

Pamela improved with this second book. The grammar was improved, didn't catch as many typos and the alternating POV flowed a lot better.

I did not like the cliffy in the end. This book was better written but it lacked some of the passion of the first book. I read both books this weekend.

Chasing Beautiful by Pamela Ann

Chasing Beautiful (Chasing Series) - Pamela Ann

This was a very refreshing read. Pamela Ann is a young writer who depicts the classic love triangle in her Chasing series books. The heroine, Sienna is this spicey edgy young adult trying to spread her wings. Sienna has a tragic childhood filled with abuse, death and neglect. Yet, she is ok, striving to make a new life for herself. The majority of the book takes places in London. The setting adds to the glamour and appeal of the book. The Alpha male Blake is fuckity fuck fine... Of course he is gorgeous, British, has a wonderful accent and is a billionaire. I think I am truly a sucker for an accent... Guy two is Sienna's Ex is Kyle. Kyle is a California god, short blonde spikey hair, perfect abs, plays the guitar and has Music Industry connections. 


If you are looking for a fun read, something that will remind you about being single, young and confused this is a must read. I couldn't put it down and I read both books over the weekend.